Kitting and Assembly

We excel at kitting and assembling products into single product packages and shipping them off to your customers accurately and on time.

We Make Assembling and Packaging Products Easier

If you’re an e-commerce company, then you know how hard it is to get your products out the door.

You’ve got to find a way to package everything up in the most cost-effective way possible. You’ll want to make sure that your customers are getting exactly what they want in the most efficient manner possible. And then there’s the whole shipping thing—which can be a real struggle if you don’t have a team of shipping experts on hand.

The good news? Aligned Fulfillment Services is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience in kitting and assembly services for e-commerce companies like yours. We can help you bundle your products, materials, or components into one package and get them shipped out quickly so that you can focus on growing your business instead of kitting and assembly.

Woman kitting products

Product Bundling

Bundling products is a powerful tool to add value to products. Bundling products that go together saves on shipping costs and increases sales. We can easily assemble parts and create kits for you from multiple products to create a more valuable product package. Product bundling also makes it easy for customers to add additional items in a single transaction, allowing them to save both time and money.

Make Items Unique

We offer specialized packaging or displays to help your products stand out. Our kitting and assembly services provide you with tailored options for unique packaging that may not be available anywhere else. Our talented manufacturing team can assemble your product kits and package them in any unique way that you specify. We’re happy to create a single item or thousands of them. You decide how you want the package to look when it reaches your customers and we’ll put it together for you.

Special assembly of package
Woman surprised by a free sample in a box


Do you have a product that you want to promote? Kitting with free samples of other products can help increase sales. By offering free samples in your packaging, you are creating an up-sell opportunity and increasing potential revenue. Up-selling accounts for 70-95% of sales and renewals and is 68% more affordable than finding new clients. We can easily assemble kits that include samples to increase your sales opportunities.

Our Kitting and Assembly Services:

  • E-Fulfillment (digital libraries to pull the pieces together)
  • Point Of Purchase Assembly
  • Standard kitting assembly
  • Complex kitting and fulfillment
  • One-to-One fulfillment (personalized components)
  • Multi-Media kits
  • Palletizing


Aligned Fulfillment Services Can Help You With:

SKU Management

Aligned Fulfillment Services can help you with SKU Management, including Code Reading and Packaging, to ensure your products are properly received and shipped while saving time on costly shipping manual entry.

Inventory Management

The right inventory management strategy can make all the difference when it comes to success. With our expertise and experience, we’ll make sure that your inventory is managed effectively and efficiently, so you don’t end up with too much or too little on hand at any given time.

Custom Packaging

We’re one of the most experienced providers of custom packaging services in the industry, so we know how important it is for your products to always look their best. You tell us how you want your product assembled and packaged so it looks its best when it reaches your customers and we’ll put it together. With our assembly and packaging services, your brand will stand out from your competitors, increasing sales and driving consumer loyalty.


The Last Step in Your Supply Chain

Aligned Fulfillment Services is one of the most trusted kitting and assembly service providers in the country. We have a reputation for providing comprehensive, high-quality services at competitive prices, which is why so many companies rely on us as their go-to kitting and assembly partner.

Our goal is to make sure that you get exactly what you need from us so that you can focus on other aspects of your business like marketing, sales, and customer service. Contact us today for all your Kitting and Assembly needs.

Supply Chain Services

E-commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce order fulfillment services that leave you free from worry about whether orders will arrive on time, in one piece, and with everything the customer ordered.


We know our way around a supply chain, which means we can help you avoid delays, pick the right routes, and even save money by optimizing distribution methods. Plus, our network of partners allows us to find solutions that will suit any client’s needs—big or small.


Warehousing and storage solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your business. Whether you need a long-term or short-term storage solution we can help.

Kitting & Assembly

Kitting and assembly solutions that allow you to bundle items together for easy distribution or add specialized packaging or displays to help your products stand out on the shelf. We assemble your products, package them together, and ship them directly to customers.

Inventory Management

Inventory management solutions that take the guesswork out of managing your inventory levels so you never find yourself scrambling to meet an order.

Warehouse Mgmt Systems

  • Real-time visibility
  • EDI/API capabilities
  • Tracking of:
    • Serial numbers
    • Expiration dates
    • Lot numbers