Reduced Parcel Rates With Carrier Integration

It’s time to outsource your order fulfillment and get better shipping rates with Aligned Fulfillment.

Scale Your Business to New Heights!

Is your business growing faster than expected? As sales increase, it can be hard to fulfill an influx of orders in-house. And with an increase in shipping costs, it may be time to outsource your order fulfillment and get a better rate.

This is where Aligned Fulfillment Services comes in. We’re dedicated to helping e-commerce companies streamline their fulfillment processes so they can focus on creating products that customers love. At Aligned Fulfillment, we’ve partnered with shipping carriers to secure the lowest shipping rates for your company. This way, you can scale your business without being constrained by outrageous shipping costs.

Carriers: UPS, FedX, USPS, DHL

Carrier Integration: Seamless Shipping and Lowest Rates

High parcel rates can be a huge roadblock to your growing business, but don’t pass these costs along to your customers. Instead, partner with us at Aligned Fulfillment for access to lower rates.

We’ve partnered with major shipping carriers in order to secure reduced parcel rates for our clients. Working with us, you’ll have access to shockingly low rates from the carriers you trust, including:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • And more!

Our seamless integration system means both you and your customers will experience industry-leading shipping services. This guarantees quick shipping times and expert packaging, so every order arrives on time and in pristine condition. Stop overpaying for shipping costs. Instead, partner with us and get high-quality shipping services with low rates you won’t find anywhere else.

Reduce Costs and Grow Profits With Carrier Integration

Our shipping services are designed to make order fulfillment simpler than ever before. With us, you won’t be forced to endure the cost of high parcel rates as you grow your business. At Aligned Fulfillment, our low rates can help you fulfill countless orders while still making a profit.

No matter which shipping carriers you prefer to use, we can help you secure a reduced parcel rate. And with our completely seamless carrier integration, you’ll find order fulfillment running smoother than ever before. That way, you can focus on designing great products while we take care of the rest.

Carrier driver wit boxes

​Order Fulfillment Mastery is Just One Step Away

Whether your business is large or small, we know you need a partner who can help you navigate order fulfillment as you grow. At Aligned Fulfillment, we’ve created a carrier integration system that gives you access to high-quality shipping services at the lowest rate.

Founded by veterans, Aligned Fulfillment has been leading e-commerce operations since 1999. We’ve continued to supply our clients with first-rate warehousing and distribution services at the lowest costs.

Stop overpaying for shipping costs. Partner with us today for reduced parcel rates with our carrier integration system.

Supply Chain Services

E-commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce order fulfillment services that leave you free from worry about whether orders will arrive on time, in one piece, and with everything the customer ordered.


We know our way around a supply chain, which means we can help you avoid delays, pick the right routes, and even save money by optimizing distribution methods. Plus, our network of partners allows us to find solutions that will suit any client’s needs—big or small.


Warehousing and storage solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your business. Whether you need a long-term or short-term storage solution we can help.

Kitting & Assembly

Kitting and assembly solutions that allow you to bundle items together for easy distribution or add specialized packaging or displays to help your products stand out on the shelf. We assemble your products, package them together, and ship them directly to customers.

Inventory Management

Inventory management solutions that take the guesswork out of managing your inventory levels so you never find yourself scrambling to meet an order.

Warehouse Mgmt Systems

  • Real-time visibility
  • EDI/API capabilities
  • Tracking of:
    • Serial numbers
    • Expiration dates
    • Lot numbers