Warehouse Barcode & Labeling

Your stock is growing and you need warehouse inventory management. Aligned Fulfillment Services offers best-in-class warehouse management and customer service.

Your e-commerce business is growing, and you need fulfillment services to store stock and fulfill orders. If you have a lot of different products and adding more all the time, our warehouse management system keeps it all organized and accounted for. Our barcoding and labeling system is best-in-class and ensures that your customers always receive the right items? It also enables you to keep track of inventory.

Warehouse worker scanning barcode

Why Use Barcoding and Labeling?

In any warehouse, efficiency requires the ability to move your inventory smoothly through a series of steps. However, using manual data entry or spreadsheets is slow and can lead to mistakes. A barcode and labeling warehouse neatly solves these problems.

Each inventory item is tagged with a label containing a barcode that is easily scanned using our warehouse inventory management system. The barcode lets us know exactly where the item is at all times and how much of the inventory is remaining. Benefits include:

  • Rapid order processing
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Easily scalable for future expansion

Using our barcode warehouse and labeling system allows you to use real-time monitoring of inventory. It also allows for additional information about the inventory like product size and weight.

We Help You Create Your Barcode Plan

With Aligned Fulfillment, it’s easy to implement barcodes to manage your warehouse inventory. Putting together an initial plan is as simple as following these basic steps:

  • Determine your barcode needs. Make a list of all your products and their variants with unique SKUs. You will often be able to use the manufacturer’s barcode and simply add this to your own system.
  • Review the warehouse layout. We do this for you! Once we have all your products in our facility, along with the list you put together, we’ll sort it all out. Then, we work out the most efficient layout and determine the best storage for your items that keeps inventory safe and ready for shipping.
  • Examine the supply chain. If you have some items supplied in bulk, they may have different barcodes on the bulk container. We work with you to make sure labeling and barcoding are accurate every time.

Once this plan is in place, leave it all to us! We’ll configure your needs within our existing warehouse inventory management system. You’ll be able to concentrate on growing your business and making sales while our trained staff handle the picking, packing, and shipping.

Warehouse workers meeting

Speed Up Your Business With Our Warehouse Barcoding and Labeling Services

At Aligned Fulfillment Services, we specialize in order fulfillment for B2B and B2C e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Our warehouse inventory management integrates barcode and labeling services to make this a more efficient, cost-effective process.

With our barcode and labeling warehouse, you can forget about worrying over inventory control and order errors. If you want to improve your warehouse inventory management, get in touch with Aligned Fulfillment Services today.

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Warehouse Mgmt Systems

  • Real-time visibility
  • EDI/API capabilities
  • Tracking of:
    • Serial numbers
    • Expiration dates
    • Lot numbers